About Morgan Greenwood Yoga

About Morgan Greenwood



Hi, I'm Morgan, and welcome to Morgan Greenwood Yoga, where I show beginner and intermediate yoga students how to use three modern-day survival tools - yoga asana, mindfulness meditation, and writing by hand - to make meaningful self-discoveries, boost self-esteem, and find the guts to self-express. 

I do this because, for far, far longer than I like to admit, I rooted my self-esteem in what others thought of me. A thick, balmy shyness engulfed me at an early age. So, from elementary school on, I relied on external cues to direct my path and determine my worth. I figured if I followed all of the rules, minimized my exposure to anything subjective, and found success in the California Distinguished school system, then maybe, despite my awkwardness, I could still find success, you know, in life. I invested boatloads of Hi-Liter fluid in this belief. At meeting others' expectation, I excelled. But, this life approach left me clueless about myself and what success and happiness really meant to me. At knowing and owning myself, I failed.

It's through the exercises I share on this site that I was able to shake my decades-long habit of people-pleasing and praise-seeking and I hope they can help you do the same.

You should know that, while I don't care much for scores anymore, I still love learning. Before I wrote any of these articles, I studied up on the topics of self-discovery, self-confidence and self-worth, reading fistfuls of research papers in order to understand the physiology and history behind human behaviors. In other words, there's some nerdilicious material here. You can take the syllabus away from the girl...

Lucky for you, I happen to love the arts (nearly) as much as the sciences, so there's plenty of creativity and play woven into the exercises, projects and tools that are waiting for you here. Speaking of "here", I'm really glad you are. 

If you've got two minutes, I'd love to know more about you. Click here to fill out our Get-to-Know-You Questionnaire. Really, it takes two minutes to complete and can help me focus on creating content and tools that will be beneficial to you, personally.

Okay! Ready to get started then? Sleeves up. Heart open. Let's go.



P.S. - A quick way for you to decide whether what I offer can help you stay engaged in your personal growth journey is to check out the details of my new online course, The Anxiety Relief Retreat. This retreat is designed to soothe the anxious soul with feel-good techniques like yoga, mindfulness meditation and journaling.