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Want to love yourself enough to share who you are with the rest of us? You're in the right place! Here's our collection of guides and tools for building a healthy sense of self-worth.


Self-love is a verb. In action, self-love is a tricky balancing act of two efforts that seem to be at be completely at odds with one another. Those two efforts are: a commitment to personal growth and full acceptance of who you are right now.

In this article you will learn four habits - and assign yourself one project - that will help you find a healthy balance between growth and development and self-acceptance. When you are done, you will have planted a self-love seed by making one small promise to yourself and crafting a plan that makes keeping it easy and enjoyable.

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It’s difficult to think of a life skill with more potential to transform your life - and the lives of those around you - than learning how to be patient. Take, for example, the pursuit of your big dreams.

This articles offers three habits – and one exercise – to help you become more patient and find more joy as you continue on the noblest of journeys - sharing your ideas and gifts with the world. 

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