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Ready to learn how to manage anxious moments - and create a plan for experiencing less of them - this weekend?

The Anxiety Relief Retreat is a stay-at-home yoga retreat designed to help you find relief when you need it most - right now.

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A Simple, Feel-Good Approach to Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is a complex physical, mental and emotional experience that looks different in everyone that suffers from it. Sometimes anxiety looks messy, late or fidgety. Other times, anxiety can look quite tidy, especially when it disguises itself as a "high-functioning" personality trait such as people-pleaser or perfectionist.

What all anxiety sufferers share is how anxiety feels. There is a loomingness to anxiety, an ever-present "What if?" that, at it's most intense, can create a squeezing effect on our hearts. Even our lives.

Anxiety can be a threat to our most meaningful relationships. It can impact our work and career. It can prevent us from saying “yes” when we should. It can prevent us from saying "no" when we should. It can prevent us from chasing dreams. Or from simply being ourselves. 

But, you are here reading this right now. And that means everything can change.

I know because it did for me.

Hello! I'm Morgan

I created The Anxiety Relief Retreat so that you could find relief from anxiety now and create a sustainable plan for experiencing less anxiety in the future. In it, I share the exact tools and techniques I used to overcome my own struggles with anxiety for good

These tools and techniques are not flashy or expensive. They’re simple. Straightforward. Soothing even. They helped loosen the squeeze anxiety had on my heart and mind, so that I was free to start building a life that actually felt good to me.

Ready to find relief, feel better and create a personalized plan for long-term, sustained anxiety relief?

I think you are, too!

What is The Anxiety Relief Retreat?

The Anxiety Relief Retreat is a stay-at-home, go at your own pace retreat designed specifically to soothe an anxious soul. In it, we use three tools: yoga, mindfulness meditation and journaling to help manage and recover from anxious moments.

What's Included in The Retreat

The Anxiety Relief Retreat features yoga, mindfulness meditation and journaling techniques designed specifically for anxiety management. A few of the retreat activities include:


Two full-length yoga classes featuring asanas (poses) that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and physically open areas of the body known for holding onto stress and anxiety.


One of two 20-minute audio recordings featured in the retreat, the Mountain Meditation is a guided visual meditation designed to help us "drop out" of an anxious moment and re-find our footing on solid ground.


The first of two guided journaling techniques, Thought Sauce is an exercise that flexes our non-judgment muscle. In it, we practice turning the dial down on the momentum and intensity of our thoughts.


In our second journaling technique we use a concept that typically works against us in an anxious moment to work for us. In The Soft Eyes Method, we use story-telling to view one situation - an anxious one - from multiple perspectives. 


An effective tool for meditators who prefer non-seated practice, the Elements of Paradise Walk is an exercise that has the potential to change the way you see the world all the time.


Arguably the most important tool in the entire retreat,  the Anxiety-Reducing Week is your personal commitment - and path! - to long-term anxiety relief.

What You'll Learn...

The first goal of The Anxiety Relief Retreat is to give you a break from your anxiety, to help you feel better fast, i.e. this weekend! The second goal is to help you lay a foundation for long-term, sustainable anxiety relief. 

To do this, the retreat includes yoga, mindfulness meditation and journaling practices designed specifically to help you learn how to make it through and recover from anxious moments. These practices can be used over and over, even after you have completed the retreat.

Here is a shortlist of some of the specific skills you will learn:

How to navigate an anxious moment while you are in one

Using humble tools like a yoga mat, a pen and some paper, you will learn how to quickly activate your parasympathetic nervous system - that part of our nervous system that helps calm our bodies and cool our thoughts.

How to fully recover from an anxious moment after you experience one

You will learn “active recovery” techniques, specifically how to use physical movement, seated or active meditation and writing by hand to encourage full recovery from the physical, mental and emotional “work” of an anxious moment. 

How to craft a personal anxiety relief plan

You will use a simple tool as an on-going commitment to anxiety reduction - and it will be full of feel-good techniques.

Discrete coping techniques

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an anxiety meltdown in public? (Mine’s way up!) This retreat features a breakout session on three do-anywhere anxiety relief techniques.

a woodsy desk space with planner and pens

Why your brain is prone to anxiety and how you can use that knowledge to manage anxiety

You will learn how a little bit of basic brain science can become one of the most powerful tools in your anxiety management toolkit.

Key yoga basics for anxiety management

That’s right! Designed for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike, the retreat includes a crash course on alignment cues and modifications for ten key poses and how each pose relates to anxiety relief.

Three common meditation myths - and truths

You will learn the basics of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, including what meditation does and doesn’t feel like, and what you can - and can’t - expect from your meditation practice.

Retreat Itinerary Sneak-Peek


Making it Through a Moment
  • Morning Yoga Session: Making it Through a Moment
  • Morning Meditation Session: "The Mountain"
  • Morning Journaling Session: Stream of Consciousness Journaling and Thought Sauce Exercise

4 videos

3 hours active time


Recovering From an Anxious Moment
  • Afternoon Yoga Session: Recovery Flow
  • Afternoon Meditation Session: Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Afternoon Journaling Session: The Soft Eyes Method Exercise

4 videos

4 hours active time


Foundations for Long-Term Relief
  • The Amazing Human Brain
  • The Basics of Yoga
  • The Basics of Mindfulness Meditation
  • Quick Coping Technique Tutorial
  • Anxiety-Reducing Week Tutorial

6 videos

2 hours active time

How does The Anxiety Relief Retreat work?


Grab your digital copy of The Anxiety Relief Retreat here.


Check your inbox for your login info so you can start reviewing your retreat materials ASAP.


Choose a retreat itinerary that works best for your schedule - there are three options! - then start making your way through your retreat at a pace that feels good to you.


Complete the retreat by filling our your Anxiety-Reducing Weekly Plan, that way you can stay committed to long-term anxiety relief.

What does the Retreat cost? $197.


An stay-at-home, go at your own pace designed to soothe an anxious soul.

  • Anytime access
  • Immediate start
  • Two full-length yoga classes
  • Two 20-minute guided meditations
  • Two journaling technique tutorials
  • Downloadable course workbook 
  • Anxiety Science 101 videos
  • Basics of Yoga video
  • Basics of Mindfulness Meditation video
  • Foundational long-term relief strategy
  • Quick coping technique tutorial



Sounds good! But, why is the retreat so inexpensive?

It’s been an achy few years. Physically, emotionally, mentally and financially, we have been put through the ringer. I think we all deserve a break on all of these fronts, don’t you?

Yes, the value of this course is probably five to ten times the price. But, right now, I believe we all need access to tools that support our mental health and wellness. Affordable tools.

Anxiety can be contagious. A sense of calm can be, too. I see this retreat as my way of spreading the latter.

I’m tagging this product at a “more-the-merrier” price point because when it comes to recovered anxiety sufferers, well, the more, the merrier.

Frequently asked questions

What if I'm new to yoga?

No problem! The two yoga flows within The Anxiety Relief Retreat were designed with all skill levels in mind. Plus, I’ve included a Basics of Yoga video in the retreat that can help beginner's quickly get comfortable with ten important poses before pressing “play” on either of the flows.

What if I've never been able to sit in meditation?

Then you are in good company! Seated meditation can be uncomfortable for some and just plain inaccessible for others. For this reason, I offer an alternative, non-seated option for each of the two guided meditations in the retreat. There is also a Basic of Mindfulness Meditation video in the retreat that you might find helpful!

What if I don't have 8-hours to complete the Retreat?

Sometimes it's tough to find an hour in the day to do something for yourself, let alone eight hours! That's why you will find three different itinerary options in the retreat workbook. One itinerary is designed such that the retreat can be completed in one day. Another is designed such that the retreat can be completed in a weekend. And the last is designed so that the retreat can be completed in a week. You can complete the retreat activities using whichever itinerary works best for your schedule.

Feeling better fast is good, but what if I'm looking for long-term anxiety relief?

That's what we want, too. What's nice about the techniques in this retreat is that they can be used repeatedly to help you build a foundation of sustained anxiety relief. And, one of the most important activities in the retreat is The Anxiety Reducing-Week Worksheet. In that activity, you will take the time to craft what a personalized week-over-week anxiety reduction plan looks like for you.

What is the refund policy for The Anxiety Relief Retreat?

Due to the digital nature of the product and significant discount currently being offered, there will be no refunds.

Instructor: Morgan Greenwood

A Yoga Alliance-Registered instructor with Mindfulness Meditation training, Morgan has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Science from UCLA, a Master of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Colorado State University and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies from Cal State University, Fullerton.

Neon Soul Supply Co. FOUNDER

In What Ways Would Your Life Look and Feel Different if Anxiety Wasn't a Factor?

Really. Let’s work together to get an answer to that question right now. Pause a moment and think about one specific aspect of your life that might look and feel different (i.e., better)  if you could turn down the dial on your anxiety just a bit. 

Would something change at work?

How might an important relationship be impacted?

What might you do a little more - or less - of?

Let's work through this exercise:

Set a timer on your phone for three minutes. During that time, think about how one specific facet of your life might look and/or feel differently if your thoughts were: Less reactionary and more responsive. Less fearful and more curious. Less judgmental and more prone to joyfulNext, use the color-coded words of your choice to fill in the blanks of the statement below. Finally, when you are done, say the statement out loud.


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If Our Approach to Anxiety Management was a Sturgill Simpson Lyric:

Shatter illusions that hold your spirit down

Open up your heart and you'll find love all around

Breathing and moving are healing

And soothing away

All the pain in life holding you down

from"breakers roar"