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Ready to try yoga for stress and anxiety relief? This private online retreat was made for you.

The Anxiety Relief Retreat brings all of the benefits of a yoga and meditation retreat into your home. Inside, you’ll get everything you need to find right-now anxiety relief while you create a personal weekly plan for stress relief that lasts.

Limited-time pricing.

An Online Yoga Retreat For Stress-Relief Seekers, Beginner Yoga Students, and Self-Care Devotees

Inside The Anxiety Relief Retreat, I'm sharing what twenty years of yoga practice, mindfulness meditation training, and a chronic illness diagnosis has taught me about managing anxiety. For me, this online retreat was two decades in the making, but you can learn - and implement - everything in 8 feel-good hours.


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a mockup of the online yoga retreat The Anxiety Relief Retreat

Hello! I'm Morgan

I'm a Yoga Alliance-Registered RYT®200 instructor with mindfulness meditation training - and I've been practicing yoga for over twenty years! My favorite thing to do with this experience is create classes and retreats that invite students to the mat in a way that helps them solve a problem in their lives.

Originally from Southern California, I now live near Nashville, TN with my husband and our two outrageously fun kids. Aside from being a partner and a parent, my greatest thrills in life are live music; rock climbing; cook-outs on sunny, mosquito-free days; and yoga.

That last bit is why we should talk— helping others along their yoga journey has become one of my greatest joys. So much so, that I've spent the last two years working on a few special The Anxiety Relief Retreat.

Why I created The Anxiety Relief Retreat:

This retreat features the same exercises and tools that helped me re-find my peace and purpose (and, honestly, helped restore my sense-of-self and excitement for my life) after receiving some difficult health news.

I wanted to provide others struggling with the mental and physical repercussions of anxiety with a convenient, affordable resource that did two things. One, the resource must offer "right-now" relief from anxiety and, two, the resource must also set the stage for long-term anxiety relief.

And I wanted to offer that in the form of a feel-good, repeatable routine.

I also created this retreat because I believe that the more people in the world who are operating with a healthy level of calm and self-compassion, the better off we all are.

Because anxiety is contagious but calm compassion is, too.

When we are able to manage anxiety, we can change how we speak to and treat ourselves, our families, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers for the kinder.

BOTTOM LINE: There’s a glow in the faces of people who have found deep comfort in their own mind and skin. You know it when you see it. I believe that glow is inside every anxiety sufferer, just waiting for a little coaxing out.

That's enough about me. I want to know about YOU.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You want an official “time out” from your anxiety.

You've tried different self-care activities to help you relax, but the results are only temporary, you’re not getting the anxiety transformation that you really need.

You're ready to swap moments of peace for peace of mind.

You're willing to set aside the time for proactive anxiety management, but you’re already overwhelmed by how much is on your plate. Every minute of your effort has to count and cnnot create more stress.

You want a simple, convenient, and affordable way to experience right-now anxiety relief that actually lasts.

Good news! I help people that want those same things every day. 

And, if you're like them, there's one big barrier to managing anxiety. It sounds something like this:

"I would love to get proactive about managing my anxiety, but I just don't have the time."

You'll get no argument from me on two fronts. First, time is limited. Second, it’s the most precious thing we have, but…

If you don’t have the time to get proactive about your anxiety, then you are discounting the impact anxiety has on your time 

...the worrying and the what-if'ing,

...the overanalyzing,

...the second and third and fourth-guessing,

...the delay in decisions that should have been made long ago,

...the shelving of wild hopes and dreams.

You’re also undervaluing how your life might look or feel if anxiety wasn’t leading the way.

The truth is, you don't have the time waste on efforts that don't last.

Maybe there's another obstacle, too? Like thinking:

I've been anxious my entire life, it's too late to change that.

It's never too late. The human brain - your brain - is amazing. It's proven itself capable of learning, growing and, yes, changing even in our adult years. It does take work, but The Anxiety Relief Retreat will show you how.

I do proactively manage my anxiety, but the massages, facials, etc. aren't working!

Holy hot stones, do I love a massage! But, I rely on them to work out the kinks in my back and my glutes, not the painful knots in my mind. To work on your anxiety, you need anxiety tools. Spa appointments like these are great and can offer "moments of peace", but what you really need is peace of mind.

My home life is stressful. There's no way an online, stay-at-home retreat will work for me.

I know you know this already, but you live in your home. While there's something to be said for "getting away" once in awhile, during an at-home retreat, you are practicing anxiety management under the conditions in which you actually live. Ultimately, the transformation is happening right where you need it toat home

Imagine if...

There was a two-birds-one-stone way to get right-now anxiety relief while you work out a personal plan for experiencing less anxiety in the future… 

You could learn gentle, but powerful ways to respond to stressful situations…

You could finally slow the pace of your racing thoughts, loosen that pinch in your chest, and start breathing deeper… 

You could start making your mind a quieter, more peaceful place to be…

You could stop living in “problem anticipation and solving” mode and just start living…

You could have all of the above with a feel-good, repeatable process that keeps you returning to three proven tools for taking good care of your body, mind and spirit…

a mockup image of The Anxiety Relief Retreat

The Anxiety Relief Retreat is a stay-at-home, go at your own pace retreat designed specifically to soothe an anxious soul. In it, we use three modern-day survivor tools—yoga, mindfulness meditation and journaling—to manage and recover from anxious moments. It's your turn to learn.

Limited-time pricing.

Who is This Right For?



For some, it’s a tight chest. For others, it’s a racing mind. For many, it’s that voice inside our head that tells us that who we are and what we are doing, is not enough.

If anxiety is interfering with your health and happiness, it’s time to put it on pause.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally, The Anxiety Relief Retreat will stretch and soothe you. This way, you can make room for deeper breaths, a less-busy mind, and a more compassionate view towards yourself. 



Many yogis first make their way to the mat for physical reasons like increasing strength or flexibility - and then they realize some other kind of magic is happening!

Whether you are brand new to yoga or you already have a practice going, The Anxiety Relief Retreat is the perfect way to explore some of the mental and emotional benefits of your yoga practice.

It’s also your chance to start boosting your yoga practice with mindfulness meditation! 



Have you recently made a commitment to self-care? AWESOME.

That means you’re getting into the habit of making time for acts of self-love. Acts like getting a full night’s sleep, going on a walk each day, or setting new boundaries in your life. The Anxiety Relief Retreat weaves three techniques proven to enhance well-being into the ultimate mini self-care program.

Because you have lifetime access after purchase, you can use the retreat in your self-care routine over and over again!

Basically, This is For You If...

You need a break from anxiety. 

You're noticing that anxiety is impacting the people and things that are important to you: maybe that’s your partner, your kids, your friends, your work, and/or that other amazing person in your life, yourself.

You've heard that yoga, meditation, and journaling can help with anxiety management and stress relief but don't know how that works or where to start.

You're ready to stop letting anxiety determine what you do —and don't do— with your life and you're willing to set aside a little time to proactive manage it.

You want to approach your life —and the people you care most about in it, including yourself— with a crisp, cool mind and a warm, unworried heart.

What's Inside The Anxiety Relief Retreat?

Here's a sneak peek at the retreat itinerary!


Making it Through a Moment

During the first half of the retreat, we use our time on the mat to reunite the mind, the body and the breath.

Our first meditation will serve to help us learn how to “drop out” of a mental tempest and rediscover our footing in the present moment. Our first journaling session will help us learn how to cool our thoughts and emotions so that we can see and feel them with more clarity.

4 videos

3 hours active time


Recovering From an Anxious Moment

The second half of our retreat focuses on movement, meditation, and writing to promote healthy recovery from the physical, mental, and emotional work of an anxious moment. 

This includes a nice, juicy, restorative yoga flow, a guided meditation designed to comfort the mind, and a written exercise which will help us look at ourselves— and the situations we find ourselves in— with softer, more compassionate eyes.

4 videos

4 hours active time


Foundations for Long-Term Relief

This module contains what might be the most important tool in your anxiety relief toolkit, plus a trio of discrete, in-the-moment coping techniques to keep in your pocket.

Lastly, it includes inspiring examples of other ways yoga, meditation, and journaling can transform that amazing mind of yours!

6 videos

2 hours active time

There's more! You'll also get:


Two 45-minute yoga classes featuring asanas (poses) that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and physically open areas of the body known for holding onto stress and anxiety.


The Anxiety Relief Retreat features two 20-minute audio meditations. In one, we use a guided visual "hike" to help us drop out of an anxious moment and re-find our footing on solid ground and, in the other, we use memories and mantras to cultivate self-acceptance and appreciation.


The first of two guided journaling techniques, Thought Sauce is an exercise that helps us flex our no-judgment muscle. In it, we practice turning the dial down on the momentum and intensity of our thoughts.


In our second journaling technique we use a concept that typically works against us in an anxious moment to work for us. In The Soft Eyes Method, we use story-telling to view one situation - an anxious one - from multiple perspectives.


Designed for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike, the retreat includes a crash course on safety and alignment cues as well as modifications for pregnancy and history of injury.


This intro to mindfulness meditation explains what meditation does and doesn’t feel like, and what you can - and can’t - expect from it. It also busts three common meditation myths and highlights three meditation truths.


The retreat features two "human brain basics" primers. Together, the information in these lessons can become one of the most powerful tools in your anxiety management toolkit.

anxiety-reducing week ($175 value)

Arguably the most important tool in the entire retreat, in the Anxiety-Reducing Week lesson, you will craft your own personal plan to long-term anxiety relief.

quick coping methods ($175 VALUE)

A breakout session featuring three "any time, any place" anxiety relief techniques.

That's a total value of over $900.

But, it's yours for $47.

a mockup of the online yoga retreat The Anxiety Relief Retreat

A stay-at-home, go at your own pace retreat designed to soothe an anxious soul.

  • Anytime access
  • Immediate start
  • Two yoga classes
  • Two 20-minute guided meditations
  • Two journaling technique tutorials
  • Downloadable course workbook 
  • Anxiety Science 101 video
  • Basics of Yoga video
  • Basics of Mindfulness Meditation video
  • Foundational long-term anxiety relief strategy
  • Quick-coping technique tutorials



*Be sure to lock in this low price today. It will go up soon!

Sounds good! But, why is this retreat so inexpensive?

It’s been an achy few years. Physically, emotionally, mentally and financially, we have been put through the ringer. I think we all deserve a break on all of these fronts, don’t you?

Yes, the value of this course far exceeds the price. But, right now, I believe we all need access to tools that support our mental health and wellness. Affordable tools.

Anxiety can be contagious. And a sense of calm can be, too. I see this retreat as my way of spreading the latter.

I’m tagging this product at a “more-the-merrier” price point because when it comes to recovered anxiety sufferers, well, the more, the merrier.

What You'll Learn...

The first goal of The Anxiety Relief Retreat is to give you a break from your anxiety, to help you feel better fast, i.e. this weekend! The second goal is to help you lay a foundation for long-term, sustainable anxiety relief. 

To do this, the retreat includes yoga, mindfulness meditation, and journaling practices designed specifically to help you learn how to make it through and recover from anxious moments. These practices can be used over and over, even after you have completed the retreat.

Here is a shortlist of some of the specific skills you will learn:

How to navigate an anxious moment while you are in one

Using humble tools like a yoga mat, a pen, and some paper, you will learn how to quickly activate your parasympathetic nervous system - that part of our nervous system that helps calm our bodies and cool our thoughts.

How to fully recover from an anxious moment after you experience one

You will learn “active recovery” techniques, specifically how to use physical movement, seated or active meditation, and writing by hand to encourage full recovery from the physical, mental, and emotional “work” of an anxious moment.

How to craft a personal anxiety relief plan

You will use a simple tool as an on-going commitment to anxiety reduction - and it will be full of feel-good techniques.

Discrete coping techniques

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an anxiety meltdown in public? (Mine’s way up!) This retreat features a breakout session on three do-anywhere anxiety relief techniques.

a woodsy desk space with planner and pens

Why your brain is prone to anxiety and how you can use that knowledge to manage anxiety

You will learn how a little bit of basic brain science can become one of the most powerful tools in your anxiety management toolkit.

Key yoga basics for anxiety management

That’s right! Designed for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike, the retreat includes a crash course on alignment cues and modifications for ten key poses and how each pose relates to anxiety relief.

Three common meditation myths - and truths

You will learn the basics of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, including what meditation does and doesn’t feel like, and what you can - and can’t - expect from your meditation practice.

How does The Anxiety Relief Retreat work?


Grab your digital copy of The Anxiety Relief Retreat here.


Check your inbox for your login info so you can start reviewing your retreat features ASAP.


Choose a retreat itinerary that works best for your schedule - there are three options! - then start making your way through your retreat at a pace that feels good to you.


Complete the retreat by filling out your Anxiety-Reducing Weekly Plan, that way you can stay committed to long-term anxiety relief.

Got Questions? I've got Answers!

What if I'm new to yoga?

No problem! The two yoga flows within The Anxiety Relief Retreat were designed with all skill levels in mind. Plus, I’ve included a Basics of Yoga video in the retreat that can help beginners quickly get comfortable with ten important poses before pressing “play” on either of the flows.

What if I've never been able to sit in meditation?

Then you are in good company! Seated meditation can be uncomfortable for some and painful for others. For this reason, I offer an alternative, non-seated option for each of the two guided meditations in the retreat. There is also a Basic of Mindfulness Meditation video in the retreat that you might find helpful!

I haven't kept a journal in ages. What if I can't think of anything to write?

If you’re living and you’re breathing, then you’re probably thinking, too. It’s just one of those “being human” things. 😊

The good news is: if have thoughts, you have something to say. Or write, rather. More good news: Most of the journaling exercises in The Anxiety Relief Retreat are prompt-based. 

This means you won’t be left alone with just your pen and blank sheets paper. Each exercise comes with guidance in the form of step-by-step instructions and fill-in-the-blank-style templates.

How much space do I need at home to do yoga?

The nice thing about yoga is that it doesn’t take up too much space. Yes, you might need to push a couch or coffee table out of the way, but, to safely perform the poses in The Anxiety Relief Retreat flows, you will only need a space that’s roughly 6 feet by 8 feet.

What if I don't have 8-hours to complete the Retreat?

Sometimes it's tough to find an hour in the day to do something for yourself, let alone eight hours! That's why you will find three different itinerary options in the retreat workbook.

One itinerary is designed such that the retreat can be completed in one day. Another is designed such that the retreat can be completed in a weekend. And the last is designed so that the retreat can be completed in a week. You can complete the retreat activities using whichever itinerary works best for your schedule.

Feeling better fast is good, but what if I'm looking for long-term anxiety relief?

That's what I want for you, too. What's nice about the techniques in this retreat is that they can be used repeatedly to help you build a foundation of sustained anxiety relief. And, one of the most important activities in the retreat is The Anxiety Reducing-Week Worksheet. In that activity, you will take the time to craft what a personalized week-over-week anxiety reduction plan looks like for you.

You can’t get the same results from an online yoga retreat as you can in person, can you?

It might be surprising to hear, but lately, 8 in 10 practitioners are practicing yoga at home using online or streamed services. 

A 2021 survey of nearly 11,000 yoga practitioners from over 120 countries found that some of the reasons why practitioners actually prefer doing yoga at home include convenience (71%), cost (46%), and privacy (33%). And there are more reasons why practicing at home might even make for a more meaningful practice...

On retreats, there is a physical distance, a sense of “I am away” that makes it a bit easier to be feel relaxed and find a sense of peace. We have few, if any, responsibilities during a retreat. 

But, when we get back home to our real lives where the conditions aren’t so accommodating, it’s really easy for some of that transformation - that yoga retreat glow- to begin to fade. Within days or weeks of coming home, we might find ourselves back in the grip of that anxiousness and unease we feel in our day-to-day lives.

During an at-home retreat, you are practicing where you actually live and under the conditions in which you actually live. Ultimately, the transformation is happening right where you need it to in order for it to last – at home.

What is the refund policy for The Anxiety Relief Retreat?

Due to the digital nature of the product and significant discount currently being offered, there are no refunds for The Anxiety Relief Retreat.

Important Disclaimer:

Your guide for The Anxiety Relief Retreat is a Yoga Alliance-Registered RYT®200 instructor with Mindfulness Meditation training and a certificate in the Science of Well-being from Yale University. She has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Science from UCLA, a Master of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Colorado State University, and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies from Cal State University, Fullerton.

She is not a licensed therapist and the content within The Anxiety Relief Retreat does not contain any medical advice nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional advice and/or care.

Signing up for this retreat shouldn’t put off or delay seeking treatment by a licensed therapist. Morgan is a huge proponent of therapy and is forever grateful to her own therapist. Please consult a qualified healthcare provider or professional with any questions you may have.

a tablet style mockup of The Anxiety Relief Retreat

In What Ways Would Your Life Look and Feel Different if Anxiety Wasn't a Factor?

Let’s work together to get an answer to this question right now. Take a moment to think about one specific aspect of your life that might look and feel different (i.e., better) if you could turn down the dial on your anxiety just a bit. 

Would something change at work?

Would an important relationship be impacted?

What might you do a little more - or less - of?

Let's work through this exercise:

Set a timer on your phone for three minutes. During these three minutes, think about how one specific facet of your life might look and feel differently if your thoughts were:

Less reactionary and more responsive.

Less fearful and more curious.

Less judgmental and more prone to joy

Next, use the color-coded words of your choice to fill in the blanks of the statement below.

When you are done, say your statement out loud.


now open for enrollment

The Anxiety Relief Retreat is Now Open!

If you've read this far, you have two options: 

Continue to spend more time (and anxious moments) trying to find a way out on your own... 

Or finally have a proven path to sustained anxiety relief so you can swap moments of peace for peace of mind.

Imagine how you could feel just one week from now.

 You're ready to make deeper breaths and calmer thoughts your baseline.

You're ready to stop reactionary, fear-driven, and judgmental thoughts from telling you who you are.

 You’re ready to start moving through the days - and years - of your life in a responsive, curious, and joyful way.

You're ready to find stress and anxiety relief that lasts.

You’re ready for whatever wonderful ways your life might change when anxiety become less of a factor in it.

You're ready for The Anxiety Relief Retreat.

a mockup of the online yoga retreat The Anxiety Relief Retreat

If Our Approach to Anxiety Management was a Sturgill Simpson Lyric:

Shatter illusions that hold your spirit down

Open up your heart and you'll find love all around

Breathing and moving are healing

And soothing away

All the pain in life holding you down

from"breakers roar"