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Yoga is a beginning, and you are right on time....

Yoga Health Benefits

Wonder why 36 million people are currently practicing yoga? Discover what the latest - and most interesting - research has to say about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of this practice.

Kickstart a fulfilling yoga practice with this helpful collection of beginner-focused articles including a guide to key class terms, an introduction to various types of yoga, and a personal invitation to our comprehensive beginner course. 

Nurture and sustain your practice with must-read articles on how to find the perfect studio, create your ideal at-home practice space, build a quiver of DIY props, and delve into the basics of yoga philosophy.

Whether you're looking for the best retreats for beginners, the best online retreat, or what's new and exciting in the world of wellness-based travel this year, this collection of articles will help you look for - and book - a great retreat! 

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