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Slow Flow Yoga Retreats

Online or in-person. Single-day or multi-night. Bringing a friend or adventuring solo. We have something for everyone.

Online Yoga Retreats

Our online yoga retreats provide the body and mind soothing benefits of an in-person yoga retreat with the added benefits of privacy, convenience, and reduced cost. Best of all, you can hit "repeat" on your retreat again and again!

In-Person Yoga Retreats

Looking for a little face-to-face connection with other yogis? Our in-person retreats pair slow flow yoga, art-based mindfulness meditation, and body-nourishing meals with nature-forward surroundings. Click the gold button below to check out our 2024 retreat offerings.

re·treat /rəˈtrēt/

a quiet or secluded place where one can rest and relax

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